To be "prime in wind" is our claim

PrimeWind is a company involved in the planning, implementation, sales and operation of wind energy projects in European and Non-European countries through a strong and motivated team with extensive specialist compentence.

We offer our investors a higly profitable, stable investment in wind energy that is also practical in ecological terms.

The investment is required to purchase the project rights to the wind park, the fees for its approval and for operating costs.

Generation and supervison of the wind projects over the entire value creation chain, from the selection of suitable locations to network connection up to the ready-to-use establishment of the units as well as technical and commercial operations is the company goal.

The team consists of experienced wind professionals, entrepreneurs and legal experts from the industry.

PrimeWind has added in the last years additional renewable energy production technologies for supplementation into its portfolio, such as: photovoltaic and renewable raw materials, e.g. for the pellet production.

Full Service Business Solutions

Project duration
Creation of the basic financial and legal conditions

Modern wind parks are investment objects. An important aspect of successful project planning is ensuring the financing. The basis for this is a thorough analysis with a flawless assurance of all the necessary laws and the legal conception of the operating company. Sale of the project can then follow. PrimeWind arranges the actual project financing of the wind park for the operator based on the intended structure of the transaction.


The business of PrimeWind is the renewable energy production. Through manny years of experience, in the international market, we can offer our customers complete solutions. The competence begins with the systematic location screening to the detailed planning and optimization of a site and their expenses.
Besides the expertise, the particular strengths of PrimeWind are the close dialogue with the leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators as well as the outstanding network with best political and economical contacts.


  • Established team with over 10 years experience in onshore wind project business
  • Expertise in all stages of the value chain
  • Focusing

  • Only the best projects are implemented tailor-made
  • High quality wind turbines at the optimal location
  • Networking and speed

  • Project development of more than 450 MW in different countries
  • Established trusting relationships with customers and suppliers (locations, wind turbines)
  • Economy

  • High internal hurdles for project selection optimized price / performance ratio
  • Lean management and Project Administration
  • Step by step to a complete farm - Primewind the partner for all project phases

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Financing
  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Advice & Looking after
  • Ready to use

    From the green meadow, the field or forest area to the finished wind park


  • Apart from hydropower, wind energy is the most efficient and reasonably priced type of renewable energy for electricity production.
  • Our customers get a One-Stop-Solution“ concept. This investment brings a crucial advantage with it. especially as far as management is concerned.
  • PrimeWind offers its customers the possibility of a highly profitable, secure and ecologically meaningful investment in wind energy.
  • The investment is done under a professional team.
  • Our team has been working in the area of wind energy for more than 10 years.
  • Germany and Austria offer high investment security because of the great economic stability and the secure EEC electricity price policies in particular.
  • At present, the initiators are already parly achieving higher prices than through the legally guaranteed EEC compensation through direct marketing.
  • Target customer groups are institutional and private concerns.
  • Due to our many years of experience we are linked to a large number of companies and their representatvies. e.g. from the areas of energy suppliers, funding companies, banks and direct marketing firms.
  • Financial Planning

    The contents of the financial planning are the profit and loss calcualtion as well as the liquidity planning. Profits from project planning, purchase of project rights and the sale of self-planned wind parks are planned as well as units already existing in the network. A liquidity planning must be created on a monthly basis. Each project has been calculated in a detailed project costing.


    The value of each purchased MW depends on the type of system and the quality of site.


    The project planning costs have been assessed at 80,000 € per MW, which is common for the industry.

    The figures very strongly depend on the site and type of system. A margin of approx. 5% from commercial trade and approx, 8% from our own projects is beeing aimed at.

    Additional income from possible operation of the wind energy systems is possible, but has not been taken into account in the financial planning. Continuous income for PrimeWind is possible through operations. Operations are dependent on the investors strategy. Experiential values show that approx. 20 - 30% equity is required for the projects.

    Financial partners & existing relations

    World bank

  • located in Washington DC
  • personally connected to investment decision makers


  • headquarter located in Washington DC
  • best contact to chief investment officer


  • locally related partners in Stuttgart / Germany, decision takers in Brussels
  • good contacts to several key drivers


  • located in Stuttgart / Germany
  • personally connected to investment decision makers

    Investors / Investment groups UAE

  • located in the United Arabic Emirates
  • personally connected to investment decision makers / best contacts to several key drivers

    Investors / Investment groups EU

  • located in different European countries
  • personally connected to investment decision makers / best contacts to several key drivers

  • Development / project planning

    Site search, taking economic, technical, ecological and political issues into account:

  • Wind conditions: beneficial from 5.5 m/s onwards
  • Surroundings (Minimum distances to small towns and villages (approx, 800 m) and industrial premises)
  • Infrastructure (Roads, paths, grid connection)
  • Criteria concerning construction plan laws and private law

    Securing a site:

  • Lease contract
  • Easement (Cables, paths and surfaces at intervals)

    Preparation of several wind resource

  • Wind speeds
  • Obstacles (e.g, mountains)
  • Terrain roughness (e.g, forests)

    Park layout:

  • Arrangement of wind energy units
  • Cable routes and paths

    Preparation of expert assessment on emmissions:

  • Expert assessment on sound
  • Expert assessment on shadow casting

    Protection of nature:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Compensation measures

    Expert assessment on soil:

  • Testing of soil condition

    Selection of suitable types of units:

  • Systems for strong or weak winds (Ratio of generator performance to rotor surface)
  • With or without gears
  • Economic viability

    Calculation of economic viability:

  • Costs / Profit
  • Risks (Weather)
  • Financing
  • Liquidity planning

    Surface requirement rule of thumb:

  • Intervals at least 3 x the rotor diameter in secondary wind direction and 5 x the rotor diameter in the prevailing wind direction due to shadowing and turbulence

    Energy yield rule of thumb:

  • Increase in hub height by 10 m > Rise in annual power yield by 7-8 %
  • Average annual power yield: 1,800 bis 3,000 MWh/MW

  • Risk Management

    It is our responsibility, within the scope of company planning and the decision making process, to detect risks early on. prevent them and to protect ourselves.

    We summarise risks into four areas as follows.

    Operative Risks

  • Insecurities can form due to economic trends and make entry into the market difficult. Analysis of trends typical to the industry will counter this.
  • Financial Risks

  • Debt losses can be neglected due to the stability of the energy suppliers.
  • The form of the company provides a liability limitation to third parties.
  • Strategic Risks

  • Theoretical changes in the Renewable Conservation act must be detected early on and evaluated
  • Legal Risks

  • We include claims for compensation for damages in the area of financial risks.
  • The risk acceptable to the company is defined and decisions are reflected on on that basis.
  • An internal evaluation system includes the following criteria:

  • Checking the creditworthiness of customers and suppliers, particularly the wind energy systems manufacturers
  • Evaluation of the system manufacturer as a possible cooperation partner
  • Possibility of implementation in other countries to enter into new markets
  • Looking into advance financing
  • Project scheduling
  • Assuring easement through a notary
  • Assuring advance payment through guarantees
  • These measures are to minimise the risk of failure

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